There are many times during everyday that I think to myself: hey, I should write that in my blog because I just learned something. Normally, I remember the better things and write about those. But this week there havent really been any better things. I guess this is partially due to the fact that I have been cooped up in my house for 5 days because of the snow. So I havent done much except drink cocoa and go sledding. There are so many reasons I love being snowed in, but one of the reasons is that I always get to do a lot of reading.

I have a ton of books, and I love going through them and finding one I havent read in many years. Each time I get a new perspective on the book because I am older. Its like finding an old cd that you havent heard in a while and remembering how great it is, or calling an old friend. Just feels good. This time I found a book of poems and quotations my grandma gave me when I was ten. I dont think I ever really took the time to read it. But I did this time and it was pretty good. I am not actually sure why my grandma gave it to me when I was ten because all the poems are pretty mature but I guess she wanted me to keep it for a while for such an occasion as this weekend. But the readings helped me reflect and seemed to speak to me, so it was a good experience.

I never expected to write about school because I find it dull, but my world religions class is pretty awesome. It is a 3 hour night class... but I never get bored. The teacher is a great lecturer and the material is so interesting. Its neat to walk away with a new perspecive on life after each class. So far we have covered Aboriginal religion, Hinduism, Judaism, Daoism, and Confusianism. All have their unique personalities but I am starting to realize that each have the same principals and basis. Also, our readings are pretty interesting; I cant help but relate them each to my life and this makes them all so meaningful. Out of all the religions I think Daoism is my favorite so far, it makes so much sense and I really value the unique view of Dao (too complex to write about in this little paragraph). What I also enjoy is the fact that the class isnt taken in a "this religion is right, and this one is wrong" perspective, but rather that all are as legitimate as the next one. I really think this is an important perspective and wish more people had to take this class. Because when it comes down to it, believe it or not, most religions tell the same stories, speak similiar morals, and most importantly realize that all human's souls have the same origin and want in life. I am so glad I got stuck in this class!

Another thing I have learned is not something I learned this week, but more like something I am reminded of daily, or sometimes hourly: my dog is the best. Lots of people say they have a great dog, or that their dog is extremely smart or soemthing but I just love my dog. He is a Jack Russel and is going on 13. He's getting old, so I worry, but that just makes every day more special. His name is Nacho and we got him when I was 6. I sware sometimes we can talk to each other, I can look right at him and he knows what I want and vice versa. He has true facial expressions and even grumbles like an old man. He truely helps me out in my times of need. At this very moment he is curled up between my hip and the couch. We have a mutual agreement where I spoil him and he spoils me. I look at Nacho and wonder how his life can be so simple but yet he is completely content. I guess thats why its called "A dog's lfe". My childhood would have been extremely different without him and I cant imagine not having a dog when I grow up. Dogs are awesome.

This week the most profound thing I have learned is the importance of spontaneity. In my reading I found a good quote that said something like: "God gave routine in place of happiness when needed". If you know any old people it may be true for them that the only reason they are sane is because they have a routine. Or sometimes you may find people who live alone who get caught up in the same routine. Well this kinda scares me. Because I find myself falling in the same habits weekly and I realize this so I'll have to change something up a bit. I dont ever want to be a person who has the same life every week. I need to be experiencing something new all the time. It may be good for older people to have habits and regular schedules but when younger people fall into it, well thats just sad. To me, it means they're waiting for something or procrastinating, or have just given up. So I find it to be important to be spontaneous everyday, do something random!

Another thing I just thought of that I learned this week is a little pet peeve I have. I HATE people who ride my butt when I am driving. Believe me, I am not a slow driver. 90% of the time, when driving alone, I am speeding. I admit that I like to go fast, its dangerous and someday I'll probably get whats coming to me. Thats why it pisses me off even more when someone is riding my tail extremely close. The fact that they want to go EVEN FASTER boggles my mind. You can only go so fast... Do they not realize the danger they are putting themselves in? Sometimes I wish I could slam on my brakes just to teach them a lesson. Of course I never do this, instead I drop my speed. Ill slowly get down to about 10 mph below the speed limit and I just bask in their frustration. MWAHAHAHA. Some people get my point and slack off, but some just dont understand and so I go even slower. I make a point to never be in a hurry so it doesnt bother me to go slow. Its probably not the best way to take out my anger but its better than speeding or slamming the brakes right?

I guess for being stuck in the house I did have a lot to say this week, I just have to force myself to think about it.


Jenny Lang said...

You had a lot of great stuff to write about this week. In particular, I'd like to comment on your thoughts on books. I also love books and read a lot of them, but I often have a hard time eading a book more than once. I do it with Harry Potter, but with other books, I ten to feel that there are so many books I want to read for the first time and I ave so little time to do it, I don't want to waste that time reading a book again. That's just my thoughts on it.

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