Week 2

Alright so another week gone by, I've had plenty of time to learn stuff, so let's see:

  1. The Super Bowl is what you make it.
  • I'm not a fan of football. I don't know the names of the teams, the sport casters are annoying, its slow paced, and I just don't associate with beer and couches. But I really had the best Super Bowl experience this year. I understand the rules and how the game works, so this year I actually sat down and watched 90% of the game. And about half way through I found myself actually caring. I shouted when stupid mistakes were made, and celebrated when good plays happened. I enjoyed being around my family, the clam dip was amazing (as usual), and Springsteen's pants weren't too tight. (But seriously what was with the knee dive crotch shot...) The commercials were alright this year, I didn't have any particular favorites. Driving home I felt very American and reflected on how I had learned to like something I hadn't liked before (but I still can't connect with beer and couches).
2. Donuts are super tasty.
So I was thinking that there really aren't many donut shops in the Placerville area. Yeah there is one off Placerville Dr. but that's it. It doesn't count when you go into Safeway or something and get a donut, its just not the same. I remember when the store in front of the Bell Tower sold amazing donuts. Every time we went to town my dad would take us in there and i would get a CHOCOLATE donut and sit in the window and watch people walk by. I thought I was pretty special. Also, doesn't it suck that Krispy Kreme went out of business? I went to Australia this summer and they have Krisy Kreme there and I freaked. They've even got them in the airports! I'm still jealous.

3. The Office is a stupendous, and extraordinary show.
Nobody will ever change my mind. I watch this show diligently every week and love it to death. It is the most unique show. There isn't a character that bores me and they each have their own, quirky personality. Even though Steve Carrell isn't my favorite, I still think he's a genius. Rainn Wilson totally owns and John Krasinski is amazing. They're all amazing. The writers though, I just am astounded by the hularious things they come up with for this show. I hope this show has 1ooo more seasons; I LOVE IT.

girly moment: I loved Jenna's dress at the Golden Globes!


Dawei Yao said...

Speaking of TV shows. Does anyone watch Criminal Minds? No? Well, seems I'm the only creepy person who devotes himself into the "find the murderer game". Anyway, it's a good show, according to my taste, with a big pack of information and a deep discussion about humanity.

Jenny Lang said...

I like that you are reflecting more on the things you learned. I have never watched the "Office", but I have heard many good things about it. Maybe I will have to give it a try sometime.

I particularly enjoyed your reflection on the Super Bowl and feeling more American. I didn't watch the game - I just do not like football - but I hosted a Super Bowl party and had a really good time. I agree about the commercials - nothing to write home about. I do always think the Budweiser Clydesdales are cute, though.

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