May and Summer

Weeeell, the semester is finally coming to an end and it has been a pretty satisfying semester for me. My teachers all ended up to be pretty good and I never got bored. For my final in drama I have to do a monologue. The one I chose is about a little girl, like 6 or 7 who has been raised in a Catholic boarding school. She is giving a tour of the church and telling all about the statues and the rituals and then she goes on to tell about how Jews are going to hell. This little girl is quite prejudice, but thankfully it has a mocking tone about it, so it is quite huuularious. My psych final is take home so thats one less thing I have to study for! This summer I will be going up to McCloud to dig in the dirt with my mom. We volunteer with this program called Passport in Time, which is run by the Forest Service. Basically, in an effort to preserve historical trails, we find artifacts to prove theyre important and put official markers in the ground so people know theyre in an area where wagon trains went through. If the artifacts are unique, they get taken to museums. Some cool stuff I've seen: huge wagon spokes, pistols, metal chests, coin money, grave sites. But all the artifacts are found through metal detecting so of course, some stuff may go unfound. I love finding things in the groudn that are like 120-180 years old, its just like sitting there waiting to be found. Plus, the people I get to meet on these projects are really cool.

Wolverine and Curly

Okay so, I am in this drama class at FLC and I really like it, but the last couple weeks we've been watching the stage version of Oklahoma on DVD. If you didnt know, Hugh Jackman has done a lot of big stage theatre in addition to his action movies. And, he stars in Oklahoma. But at the same time, Wolverine is coming out and I really love X-men. Im not really an action person but I like the good ones. So Ive been watching all three X-men, while watching Oklahoma and my mind was having a lot of trouble. There he was, this happy-go-lucky cowboy named Curly, and then BAM! he was Wolverine. I kept envisioning his claws coming out during this fight scene and it jsut cracked me up. Quite a difference between the characters. Basically it ended up with my friends and I cracking Wolverine jokes while watching this musical. I always thought it would be hularious if someone did a cross between Xmen and Oklahoma. But in another sense Hugh Jackman has been really lucky to have embraced the theatre world and the movie scene. He is a God in both worlds. This is a video Ive found thats pretty hhularious for me, although they could make a new one now that Wolverine is out:

Gogol Bordello

So I have been obsessed with this band for a while now. They are called Gogol Bordello (yes bordello also means brothel) and they are amazing. I found out about them one day when I wanted something new and upbeat to listen to. So I figured well gypsy music sounds good right now, but I had trouble finding anything. So then I looked up different genres of gypsy and found something called "gypsy punk". Sounds weird right? Well this band is pretty awesome and I cant stop listening to them. The main singer is Ukranian but he grew up in Russia and has been all over the world. There is an old guy who plays violin, a accordionist, two a-go-go singers, and many others. When I try to describe them I think of Flogging Molly, Cake, and Beirut mixed together. Also, their music is one thing, but their performances are another. Extremely entertaining.

Ballot Gardening

It doesn't really feel like the weekend but I guess it is. I am all off because my class got canceled on thursday.
So I got the sample ballot for May's propositions. And well I am voting no on everything. They all sound like round about, ass backwards ways to move some money around to get it over here, and this over there. Who in the hell comes up with these brainless ideas? Seriously, IDIOTS. So my vote will be no, no, no, no, no, and NO.
Around this time of year, my parents get really excited about gardening. Mainly they get their hopes up. This year they even built a huge planter box to grow vegetables. That was about a month ago and I am pretty sure there is still nothing planted in it. A couple years ago they decided to put a mini lawn in and now thats completely shot. Also, my mom goes crazy with transplanting and buying plants for pots, trees, shrubs, etc. Most everything will be dead pretty soon. But I guess they still get a kick out of it. And it keeps my mom outside. Get that Vitamin D or something.

Virus Research Paper

I am trying to think of the high light of my spring break... like I said in my last post, probably just getting the sleep. My family meant to do something, but the rain kind of broke our motivation. My laptop got a virus and I had to get it repaired, which wasn't really a big deal but I was excited to get it back. It runs a lot smoother now. But when I got it back, I realized that now I have no excuses not to do my homework. So now Ill have to do it all in my last couple days, which wasnt my plan. I like to do my home work early so I can enjoy the rest of my break.

For my world religions I am doing this research paper on the Baha'i faith. We get to chose our topic, it can be anything relating to religion. I chose this originally because I am a fan of The Office. See, the actor who plays Dwight Schrute, Rainn Wilson, is a Baha'i. I heard an interview of him of Oprah's Soul Radio and he was promoting his new website called (which is also really awesome). In the interview he also gave a brief overview of the Bahai fath and it sounded very unique so I wanted to learn more about it. After tons of research (including multiple trips to the library) I have found that the Bahai faith is probably the coolest religion I have learned about out of all the religions in my class. I do not identify with any religion but I would much rather be a Bahai than most other popular religions. I am meeting with this lady who is a member of the Bahai faith in our area and Im super stoked. There is actually a center in Diamond Springs that I never even knew about, so I am going there to talk to people and ask them questions. Pretty excited that took this class and was forced to chose my own topic.

Yellow Robe Lumberjack

OH GEEEZ, spring break. People always go crazy about it, and its not all THAT exciting. I mean yeah, I love that I will be able to sleep in for a week and do a few things with my mom, but its only a week. If I was going somewhere, on vacation, then I would be excited.

So I ordered this bathing suit from delias, and it is a pain in the butt waiting for. It is yellow and I am absolutely in love with it. I dont know why but I've had a thing for yellow for the past couple months. Also, I need to finish this robe that I am making. I know, it sounds boring a robe. But it is silk, and it is like one of those that you put on when you get out of the shower. Its not like a terry cloth old lady robe.

Right now, my dad and his friend are cutting down this huge dead tree on my property and its quite amazing. I have watched my dad cut down many many trees but every time it amazes me. My dad is older, and he was a lumberjack for 50 years, so its kinda scary to watch him with a chain saw but he's the expert. It amazes me because it is such a precise skill and if any little detail is skipped or mess up then the whole thing could go wrong but somehow my dad manages to do it perfectly. When I was very little my dad would take me to work with him and always thought that was so cool. The trees seemed bigger I guess. But now that I look at the pictures, the trees really were huge. How many kids can say their dad is a lumberjack?

Good Movie, Surprises

Okay so I just watched Marley & Me and lets just say its a good thing I didnt see it in theaters. I bawled my eyes out! I am a huge dog person, I have an older dog too, so the ending got me. I also glad that owen wilson did a part i could take seriously and appreciate. awesome movie overall. It made me think about how much I love my dog, made me so happy about him I think Ill let him sleep with me tonight.

Overall this week was a surprising one. I got another scholarship for the college I am transferring to, so that was freaking awesome. Very excited about that. I got a good grade on that silly essay we jsut wrote (I know I could have done better) which was nice. And, I did this sweet old lady scene in drama class and my partner and I basically rocked it. I didnt think the whole thing was that well put together but somehow in the end it really flowed. I also got A's on my psych midterm and my religion midterm. YEAAAH! Honestly, I dont know how I pulled that off. I thought I got about a C on my religion midterm cuz I had no time to study but I guess I must know it pretty well. I think from now on I am not going to study for tests because I always do better. Studying is bad luck, Ill take a walk wth my dog instead. Right now! NIGHT WALK!

Ice House 2009