What I Have Learned

I originally had no idea what I wanted to write about. I had a few ideas but I think I have solidly made a decision. But if I feel like it, I may change it up a bit. So I was thinking that supposedly we learn something new everyday. I decided that I am going to apply this and see what I am actually learning daily. A few things I learned today:

  • On Mondays I should leave earlier than 8:30 (I was late to class this morning).
  • No matter where you drive, there will always be idiots.
  • Safeway makes really awesome sandwiches for $5!
  • I can actually fall asleep in my car if I am bored enough.
  • Fajitas are really easy to make, and they're tasty.
  • The downstairs shower has better water pressure.
  • Mint Moose Tracks ice cream is delicious.
So I didn't really reach any epiphanies today, but not a bad day of learning. Most of my classes are things I have already studied so I don't expect to learn much educationally. But I guess the big idea of my blog is that everyday we DO learn and this effects the choices we make. Like, for instance, I will definitely be eating more Moose Tracks ice cream!


melissa blair said...

WOAH! :) safeway's sandwiches are on sale for 4 dollars with the coupon in the ad this week! i work there, so just giving you a heads up :) they are pretty great. hah. and i totally fall asleep in my car, like every night!

melissa blair said...

...and safeway ice cream (moose tracks) is also going on sale for buy one get one free :))

Jenny Lang said...

I certainly agree with the idiot driver lesson. And when it rains, they only get worse. I like this concept for your blog. I just think I'd like to see you reflect on the benefit of these lessons a little more. That is, if you are planning on this style throughout the semester.

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