Interesting week. On wednesday I was driving home from english and I decided to take the back way home just for a change. Bad decision. I was driving on this really windy road, Newtown, and I got stuck in a hail storm. I had my windshield wipers all the way up and I still couldnt see. The hail was coming down so hard and loud I was afraid it would break the windshield. So I pulled over and decided to wait it out. Called my mom to let her now why I was late, I was yelling into the phone, the hail was coming down so hard. As soon as I hung up I looked up to see a car coming around the curve, a little too fast. The car went over the bank and missed me by very little. The car's mirror knicked my headlight. I should have peed my pants, I really should have, I am glad I didnt. I screamed though and remember my ears ringing afterwards. Anywho, it was still hailing extremely hard but I had to go see if the people in the car were okay. I ran to see that the two people in the car were fine, just in shock. The back side of their car was smashed in by a tree and there was a lot of glass. Luckily none landed on the passengers. I let them borrow my cell phone to call a tow truck and took a minute for my adrenaline to fade. Then, put my truck in 4 wheel (there was still 2 inches of hail on the road) and got the heck out of there. I am not sure what the lesson learned here is, maybe I should take the normal way home from now on and thank god for adrenaline and cell phones.

On a less dramatic note, I went to the Home and Garden Show at Cal Expo this weekend. I was unimpressed by the garden half of the show. Other than a few landscapers there wasnt much. Normally they have huge garden ddisplays and tons of flowers and growers. I wanted to buy an orchid but couldnt find one I was absolutely in love with. Instead, I found some pretty African Daisies and shirley Poppies. I also got a big yellow pot to plant them in. So I am pretty excited to see how those turn out.

Did anyone see the last office?!?! yay for Kevin!


Jenny Lang said...

Wow, that's quite a story. On a different subject, I didn't attend the Home and Garden show, but a few months ago Cal Expo the Home and Landscape Design Expo. It was light on "Home" but had tons of great outdoor landscaping options. You should check that out next year.

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