March and the 90s

I hate March. You see, I love winter, the snow, rain, cold, thunder, lightning, and everything that goes along with it from power-outs to hot chocolate. I like spring too; I like wearing shorts and lemonade and watching my flowers grow and all that good stuff. But then there is March. Its like an in between month. Its not really winter because its not that cold or raining much. But its not quite warm enough to wear a tshirt. Its a dilly dally, wishy washy, namby pamby month. Its like the procrastinator of months. I just want it to be spring already, gosh!

Anywho, so I have been reliving my childhood lately, I have been watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I never thought about it before, but now that I look at it I am so glad I did not go to high school in the 90s. The clothes are terrible. Did anybody ever notice that Harvey Kinkle had two ear pearcings? EW! And I never realized how fake Salem looked. I am so glad the era of midriffs and mini-skirts is over. Only good thing was the Back Street Boys. I still like them, but their clothes were horrible. Oh! and the Ninja Turtles and Garfield. I used to wake up EVERY Saturday morning to watch them. Oh man, so glad I was a child in the 90s.


Jenny Lang said...

I remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I was in college at that time). Salem did look really fake. They should have just used a real cat witha voice-over.

I am a child of the 80's,and I don't think any generation is as nostaligic for our toys, cartoons, movies,etc. as my generation. We love our 80's.

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