Ballot Gardening

It doesn't really feel like the weekend but I guess it is. I am all off because my class got canceled on thursday.
So I got the sample ballot for May's propositions. And well I am voting no on everything. They all sound like round about, ass backwards ways to move some money around to get it over here, and this over there. Who in the hell comes up with these brainless ideas? Seriously, IDIOTS. So my vote will be no, no, no, no, no, and NO.
Around this time of year, my parents get really excited about gardening. Mainly they get their hopes up. This year they even built a huge planter box to grow vegetables. That was about a month ago and I am pretty sure there is still nothing planted in it. A couple years ago they decided to put a mini lawn in and now thats completely shot. Also, my mom goes crazy with transplanting and buying plants for pots, trees, shrubs, etc. Most everything will be dead pretty soon. But I guess they still get a kick out of it. And it keeps my mom outside. Get that Vitamin D or something.


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