Gogol Bordello

So I have been obsessed with this band for a while now. They are called Gogol Bordello (yes bordello also means brothel) and they are amazing. I found out about them one day when I wanted something new and upbeat to listen to. So I figured well gypsy music sounds good right now, but I had trouble finding anything. So then I looked up different genres of gypsy and found something called "gypsy punk". Sounds weird right? Well this band is pretty awesome and I cant stop listening to them. The main singer is Ukranian but he grew up in Russia and has been all over the world. There is an old guy who plays violin, a accordionist, two a-go-go singers, and many others. When I try to describe them I think of Flogging Molly, Cake, and Beirut mixed together. Also, their music is one thing, but their performances are another. Extremely entertaining.


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