May and Summer

Weeeell, the semester is finally coming to an end and it has been a pretty satisfying semester for me. My teachers all ended up to be pretty good and I never got bored. For my final in drama I have to do a monologue. The one I chose is about a little girl, like 6 or 7 who has been raised in a Catholic boarding school. She is giving a tour of the church and telling all about the statues and the rituals and then she goes on to tell about how Jews are going to hell. This little girl is quite prejudice, but thankfully it has a mocking tone about it, so it is quite huuularious. My psych final is take home so thats one less thing I have to study for! This summer I will be going up to McCloud to dig in the dirt with my mom. We volunteer with this program called Passport in Time, which is run by the Forest Service. Basically, in an effort to preserve historical trails, we find artifacts to prove theyre important and put official markers in the ground so people know theyre in an area where wagon trains went through. If the artifacts are unique, they get taken to museums. Some cool stuff I've seen: huge wagon spokes, pistols, metal chests, coin money, grave sites. But all the artifacts are found through metal detecting so of course, some stuff may go unfound. I love finding things in the groudn that are like 120-180 years old, its just like sitting there waiting to be found. Plus, the people I get to meet on these projects are really cool.


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