Wolverine and Curly

Okay so, I am in this drama class at FLC and I really like it, but the last couple weeks we've been watching the stage version of Oklahoma on DVD. If you didnt know, Hugh Jackman has done a lot of big stage theatre in addition to his action movies. And, he stars in Oklahoma. But at the same time, Wolverine is coming out and I really love X-men. Im not really an action person but I like the good ones. So Ive been watching all three X-men, while watching Oklahoma and my mind was having a lot of trouble. There he was, this happy-go-lucky cowboy named Curly, and then BAM! he was Wolverine. I kept envisioning his claws coming out during this fight scene and it jsut cracked me up. Quite a difference between the characters. Basically it ended up with my friends and I cracking Wolverine jokes while watching this musical. I always thought it would be hularious if someone did a cross between Xmen and Oklahoma. But in another sense Hugh Jackman has been really lucky to have embraced the theatre world and the movie scene. He is a God in both worlds. This is a video Ive found thats pretty hhularious for me, although they could make a new one now that Wolverine is out:


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