Midterm Deviled Eggs

This was a pretty normal week. Nothing unusual really, and today is the first day of spring, yay! On Wednesday I had a killer midterm. It was for World Religion, which is an awesome class, but basically I had to memorize everything for an eastern and a western religion. But I only had to write on one, I just didn't know which one till class started. I ended up writing on Buddhism. I felt pretty good about it, I'm hoping for a B.

Today we are having family over and when that happens I am in charge of the deviled eggs. Personally, I think I make the best deviled eggs, or at least everyone says so and I like them too. The secret is garlic and tabasco, lots of it. As far as eggs go, I hate them. But for some reason I love devilied eggs.

For my next sewing endeavor I will be making a short bath robe. Mainly I need to use up this old silk fabric. The print looks kind of medieval so it will be interesting.


Alyssa J said...

My cousin, uncle, and grandpa love eggs in every form. There have been egg-related fights at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. So far, no unhappy endings. I like eggs, but I can't stand deviled eggs. I don't know why. It could be countless bad potlucks and really bad family recipes that little old ladies thought they had memorized. Not sure. Funny how taste works.

Jenny Lang said...

Oh, I love deviled eggs! I like eggs in general, especially once they have been hard-boiled, but I think I could eat deviled eggs everyday. Mmm, I wouldn't mind making some right now...

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